Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm a pretentious A**hole

I've managed to get myself another summer project, this time entering a competition for Absolute Radio. All you have to do is write a project on something that you enjoy. Being stuck for ideas and deciding to do something a little bit different than most of the entrants, I decided to write mine about Progressive Metal, mainly focusing on my three favourite bands (Dream Theater, Opeth, and Pain of Salvation...If you didn't see Dream Theater coming up then you really haven't paid attention to the six posts that make up this terribly abandoned blog)

I decided to look back at what I'd written so far today before I did some more work on it (as I have a horrible habit of abandoning a project for weeks before returning to it) and couldn't help but laugh at how pretentious I came off as. In the first few sentences I had already slated 'romantic' song Grenade by Bruno Mars, and pretty much all of the Death Metal genre. Well done me.

I then go on to talk about how Progressive Metal has cojones. No real reason why I used the word cojones over the other words in my vocabulary, I just wanted an excuse to work cojones into my writing. At the same time I described Progressive music as being viewed as pretentious by many outside of the genre.

And if I'm entering a competition for a radio station that plays mainly mainstream and classic rock, then goddamnit I'm going to come off as a completely pretentious arse and do my 'pretentious' genre proud.

Fuck yeah.

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