Thursday, 25 August 2011

GCSEs and the Grading System

The GCSE results came out today, and I was more than happy with most of them. 1 A*, 6 As and the rest of them Bs (let's just not go into what I got for AS German, it was very poor >.<!). But when telling some of my online buddies about my results, I realised something. They're American/Canadian, they have completely different grading systems, and they didn't know what was good or bad. So I translated them into Hogwarts Grades.
Outstanding= A
Exceeds Exceptions=B

As for A*? Well, you can just lump another O on there for good measure. As soon as I explained my grades like that, they understood. Maybe the Hogwart's grading system is Universal, because so many of us have grown up on Harry Potter or read it to your children, maybe it would be better if we just adopted this system of grading, just because it makes sense to the generation of Potter fans.

Plus, I think 8 Outstandings and 5 Exceeds Exceptions sounds better. It makes me feel like a wizard.

Oh, and us girls beat the boys again, they really need to step up their game!

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