Monday, 23 May 2011

How to Revise for English Literature

1- Return home from school, switch on the computer, put on some Pain of Salvation so you have a 'trigger' in the exam.

2- Feel glad that you've gotten this far. Open up Facebook. Complain about revision.

3- Reluctantly dig out your AQA Anthology, which holds all the poems required for the exam. Do private, dramatic readings of the required poems to yourself until you get to 'My Last Duchess'

4- Go get dinner, you've earned it.

5- Continue reading through the poetry until you come to the end of your studied poems.

6- Check Facebook again.

7- Check the AQA mark scheme.

8- Make witty Facebook status concerning said mark scheme.

9- Sit back for a while. You've earned another break.

10- Start thinking about prom, allow these thoughts to distract you from revising and check Youtube for make up tutorials.

11- Perform said make up tutorial.

12- Curse your lack of concentration.

13- Write a blog post concerning revision as a product of your procrastination.

14- Finish blog post and eventually decide to go and do some more revision.

15- Theexam'stomorrowohshit

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