Sunday, 8 December 2013


The most interesting thing about personal teenage blogs is that fact that beyond ranting about branded t-shirts and bras you get to watch someone, a complete stranger, develop into a real, independent human being.

This year, I turned 18, the blog name 'Alice's Teenage Life ' is hugely misleading because I'm legally an adult. This year, I took the most important exams of my life, spluttered my way through university applications and auditions. I've trained up behind a bar for the first time, and left my first job. I've done more this year in my development as a person than I have done any other year of my life.

But most importantly, I've moved out.

In August, I was accepted into the University of Nottingham to study English. I have to make sure that I'm paying my rent on time. I have to feed myself, clean up after myself. I can stay out until Four in the morning and not be shouted at. I can buy a bottle of wine for myself as pre-drinks. Step back for a minute, and think about how strange that is. In one year, many teenagers-turned-adults are thrust into this world of both freedom and responsibility. Many of us have led very sheltered lives, and suddenly we can do whatever we want within the realms of the law. We're being thrust into debt and being told to have the time of our lives.

Just, how odd is that?

Think about it for a minute.

I'm just glad that University exempts me from taxes for now, it's a jump, but at least it's not 'OH, YOU'RE EARNING MONEY? THAT'S COOL NOW SHAREKTHNXBI'

P.S- I'll do a write up on this semester over Christmas. Pinky promise.

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