Thursday, 19 April 2012

H&M- You've crossed the line!

There's an annoying trend going around in fashion at the moment. No, it isn't chinos, it isn't highlighter coloured tops and bags (I mean honestly, why did people find that appealing?), and it certainly isn't terrifyingly garish dresses that not even my older sister (who managed to pull off the highlighter trend) can wear and make look...bearable.

No my friends, I'm talking about printed t-shirts. But not your usual printed t-shirts, no, printed band t-shirts.

'But what's so wrong with band t-shirts' I hear you cry! 'You wear them all the time!' Yes, and I admit that, I wear band t-shirts because I want to support and go around as a walking advertisement for my favourite bands. Plus, I can rock men's t-shirts in a way no other woman can...Mainly because most women buy... you know, women's band t-shirts. But this is where the problem lies, because many shops (and H&M isn't the only one, but provides an extremely sacrilegious example) are selling t-shirts with the logos of bands that many of their target demographic, i.e young women with money to burn, will have never heard of.

It started with The Beatles. Not so problematic, everyone has at least heard of The Beatles, who didn't sing Yellow Submarine in primary school? Just me? Right. Then it went a tad more obscure, The Ramones. I'm not necessarily a fan, but each to their own. Then further away from the bands that my generation could be fans of. The Rolling Stones.

But then, H&M touched holy ground, the grail of prog fans.

My friends, I regret to inform you that H&M are currently selling t-shirts with the artwork for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Yes, you heard me, Dark Side of the Moon.

As in, the incredibly progressive and one of the most popular Pink Floyd albums by general consensus.

So, I challenge you, dear reader, if you care for your favourite bands, to go up to anyone you see wearing these t-shirts and ask them 'Oh wow, Dark Side of the Moon? You didn't look the type, what's your favourite song from the album?' Or, alternatively 'Great to see another Pink Floyd fan around, hey, you mind refreshing me of the lyrics to The Great Gig in the Sky?'

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